Why this was created?

  • Long LiVE our brethren , who work in the  field, with family and their children who provide us breakfast,lunch, dinner and supper, by standing in the hot sun from morning till evening, standing in the muddy water all the time to grow rice.
  • .If they are not working, we have to import rice from all the other nations.
  • They suffer at the hands of the money lenders , financiers and the brokers and middlemen
  • .They also have the Rain as their challenger to offer them either rain in plenty as flood or no rain at all ,making them and the fields CRY.
  • What did their children do? Why should they suffer,when  we in towns and cities get rice and have a sumptuous meal??
  • Why not we lend a little support for the future generations to offer them  food,shelter,clothing  and most of all the EDUCATION.
  • .For this everyone of us eating RICE has a duty towards them.
  • Setting up a fund as fixed deposits in the banks and allow  them to have the interest as the benefit.
  • This must not be at the hands of politicians.
  • In each village, they have to find out who has only land less than 5 cents or who works in the fields for the wages.
  • .Their children must be given the chance for getting the education and in good living conditions.
  • Those who are interested to do something as service or in kind or in cash may leave your intention here.
  • If you have better suggestions .opinions  please do not hesitate to let us have them at your earliest.
  • May God shower all His blessings upon you who read this and take action to benefit the AGRI CHILDREN EDUCATION.

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